Snoring In Kids

Snoring in kids | ENT Doctor Cape Town

What causes snoring in children?

  • The most common reason children snore (85 – 90%) is enlarged tonsils and adenoids
  • An anatomical component, such as a small jaw or a small airway that the child was born with may also contribute to snoring
  • Other factors which may increase the risk of snoring include altered airway muscle tone, obesity and genetic factors

How common is the snoring in children?

Around 8 to 12% of children have persistent snoring on most nights, and usually the snoring is worse among children aged between 2 and 8 years old.

Consequences of children’s snoring:

A severe upper airway obstruction in children can cause learning problems and developmental delay, and growth delay. Uncorrected snoring in children may also lead to delay with speech and language development, problems with memory, problems with attention and communication.

Behavioural aspects most often seen include aggression, hyperactivity, inattention and anxiety as learning, memory and thinking are the cognitive areas most affected by snoring. Even mild airway obstruction or primary snoring can cause significant deficits, this is particularly important as 8 - 12% of all children are thought to have primary snoring

Snoring in kids | ENT Doctor Cape Town

What are treatments for snoring in children?

The removal of the adenoid and tonsils is the first line of treatment for children with sleep disordered breathing, this cures snoring in 85 to 90% of children.